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What is Custom Rugs?

If you are wondering what is a Custom Rug?

Custom Rugs are area rugs that you can design the way you desire.  With custom rugs you can have your own:


  • Designs | Colours | Finishings | And Even Shapes, All Customised.


What do they mean?


  • Design it your way.  Now you can have your very own designs and patterns on your rugs.  No longer you're being forced to buy rugs with designs that you don't really like just because you have to buy it.  If you have to spend anyway, why don't you spend for something that last long; your own designed rugs.  Now more than ever you will have unique rugs at your place for your enjoyment and for friends and relatives to admire.


  • Colour to match your desire.  Are you a fan of a blue colour, or perhaps white, pink or a combination them? Whatever your colour desire, put them on your rugs to match your design pattern.  We will help you find the right colour yarn.


  • Apply the right Finishing.  We will help you and suggest which finishing is proper for your needs.  If you are not familiar with the tyoe of finishing available, click here to get more information.


  • Shape it just the way you like it.  You can have your rugs to shape rectangle or square.  But if you are bored with rectangle or square looking rugs, now you can have it your way.  Shape it oval, circle, or even love shape or random shape, make it unique just the way you like it.
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The Beauty of

Custom Rugs


Contact us:

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Office Ph: +62-21-7206696

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